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San Elizario Genealogy and Historical Society


By George A. Sanchez

The San Elizario Genealogy and Historical Society are having their conference at the Adobe Horseshoe Theater at 1500 Main Street in San Elizario on April 26-29.  The theme this year is "Birth of the American Southwest".

This will be a continuation of The Rio Grande Festival, last year's successful conference.  There will also be three days of Art, Music, History, Old West Shootouts, Culture Exhibitions, and Food.  Much of this will be in the large parking area next to the Adobe Horseshoe but some will be done inside the Adobe Horseshoe.  It will include a reenactment of the Onate Expedition's arrival to this area in 1598 called "La Toma".  This is the official Act of Possession of the territory for the King of Spain.  There will also be a Theatrical Presentation of the Comedy written by Capt. Farfan and performed here at that time.  Both of these will be directed by David Mills and Hector Serrano of Eden Enterprises Theater Company.

There will be over 15 speakers from Mexico City to Santa Fe on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  Specialists from our National Park Service, INAH(1) from Mexico, and some Tribal Representatives along our CARTA.  Their topics will be on the Conference Highlights: Camino Real de Tierra Adentro, CARTA.  All the details on the speakers can be found on our web site sanelizariogenealogy.com.

The conference will open on Thursday, April 26th with a special presentation by a CARTA Binational Committee and a presentation of the Preservation Projects in Valle de Zaragosa and Santa Barbara in Chihuahua, Mexico which are part of the binational effort to complete the investigations necessary to establish the criteria for a UNESCO(2) nomination.  The reason for this is that Mexico already has sites designated by UNESCO along their CARTA, but we have none in the Texas/New Mexico CARTA.  This will be in the Adobe Horseshoe starting at 5 PM.

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