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Bexareño's Books For Sale
For sale, books published by Los Bexareños, Click Here .
**New Book, TX54 Baptisms of Our Lady of Refuge, Eagle Pass, Texas, Jan. 1, 1891-Dec. 31, 1895 by Armandina Galan Sifuentes.**

Books sold by the Spanish American Genealogical Association (SAGA), Click Here


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The E-Newsletter has been discontinued as of October 2015. If you have not read the past issues, they are still available for download (see below). The newsletters contain stories and genealogy that might be of interest to new members. If any member is interested in assuming the publication of the E-Newsletter please let the President know.

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Research Guide
Download a copy of  "A Guide to Beginning Hispanic Genealogy"

Guia para el uso de presonas de habla espanol (Spanish Version of the Guide)

San Antonio Alamo Colleges link to Genealogical and Historical Information

Additional Research Resources
The following link was contributed by a motivated and enthusiastic 6th grader. The pupil discovered the link while doing research for a school project. The link leads to a website titled "History at Home: A Guide to Genealogy. During the research, the pupil also found our website:


The following link was recommended by Debbie Reynolds, The After School Center,
debbie@theafterschoolcenter.org . It is a comprehensive guide to genealogy research and links to genealogy resources:

This link leads to a comprehensive guide to genealogy resources and was written and recommended by Mark Orwig, mark@smarterhobby.com . Click on https://www.smarterhobby.com/genealogy/