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What is Los Bexarenos

What is Los Bexareños Genealogical Society?

Los Bexareños is an organization dedicated to Hispanic history and ancestral research.  The Society promotes public interest in history and genealogy through outreach and educational programs.  Members of the society consist of individuals from a variety of occupations and life pursuits (i.e. retirees, housewives, doctors, accountants and professional genealogists).  The main activity of the Society is family ancestral research.  Research that includes not only the family lineage,  but also the family history and how our ancestors responded to national forces and events.  How it was that we, their descendents find ourselves in this time and place.  How decisions made long ago affected our present lives and in many cases directly account for our existence.

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Los Bexareños Genealogical and Historical Society
2300 W. Commerce Street
Suite 104
San Antonio, Texas 78207

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The Los Bexareños Genealogical and Historical Society Tax Returns.
Tax Returns have been completed and submitted. You may obtain a copy of a Tax Return by written request to Los Bexareños Genealogical and Historical Society, 2300 W. Commerce Street, Suite 104, San Antonio, Texas 78207