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***Proposed Change to the By-Laws***

Article XVIII

The books of the Treasurer shall be audited by a three (3) member committee appointed by the President one of whom is a current member of the Board who will act as chair of the audit committee at the end of the Treasurer's term of office. The President shall insure, through the Treasurer, an audit of any standing or special committee handling funds upon completion of their assigned term or activity and provide the Board of Directors a copy of audits. Audits may also be conducted as deemed necessary.

Justification for Purposed Change

Madam President

Part of what funders look at is that the board of directors is active in the management of the Society. I therefore offer this amendment. It simply makes a member of the audit a board member and automatic chair of the committee.

Respectfully submitted for reading at the October meeting and for vote at the November meeting.

Louis Benavides

What is Los Bexareños Genealogical Society?

Los Bexareños is an organization dedicated to Hispanic history and ancestral research.  The Society promotes public interest in history and genealogy through outreach and educational programs.  Members of the society consist of individuals from a variety of occupations and life pursuits (i.e. retirees, housewives, doctors, accountants and professional genealogists).  The main activity of the Society is family ancestral research.  Research that includes not only the family lineage,  but also the family history and how our ancestors responded to national forces and events.  How it was that we, their descendents find ourselves in this time and place.  How decisions made long ago affected our present lives and in many cases directly account for our existence.

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P.O. Box 1935, San Antonio, TX 78297

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The 2013 Los Bexareños Genealogical and Historical Society Tax Return.
The 2013 Tax Return has be completed and submitted. You may obtain a copy of the 2013 Tax Return by written request to Los Bexareños Genealogical and Historical Society, P.O. Box 1935, San Antonio, TX 78297.